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An Exceptional Service Based On Over
30 Years Of Experience

When you've got a load to move that's over 45ft long and weighs up to 10 tons, you're going to require some specialist equipment and a fair amount of know-how. If you then consider that the load in question is somebody's home, you can add a high level of care and experience to the necessary requirements.

Fortunately, when it comes to moving any make or size, new or previously owned, park home, holiday lodge and static holiday caravan to their new locations around the country, Berkeley Transport can offer all of these qualities and more, with an expert team.

With Berkeley Transport having experience spanning over 30 years, there's not a lot that we don't know about moving homes. And with myself joining the team several years ago and taking over the management on the retirement of my parents

“We take the care to move your homes with planning and precision”

Robbie and Susan Robson, it has continued as a family concern that has become an integral part of The Berkeley Leisure Group whilst offering transport services to all of our industry and beyond.

We move homes from the manufacturers or an existing site to wherever the customer wants them sited. In the past that has meant going as far afield as the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides and Northern Ireland. This type of operation often entails anything from long motorway journeys to negotiating steep and narrow coastal lanes.

Often we will travel in advance of the truck drivers to assess the route and possible challenges that they will encounter with a particular job. I wouldn't ask any of our drivers to deliver a home to a location that I wouldn't do myself, although it's very rare for us to be unable to get a home onto a park or private site.

What we do

In the past, particularly difficult jobs have entailed removing hedges and laying metal tracks across fields. One job even required the use of four Land Rovers and a series of winches to negotiate a home down a particularly steep hill. Fortunately however, the jobs are generally far more straightforward.

We operate a very modern fleet of trucks, all well equipped for the job and driven by experienced drivers. The DAF trucks we use are very powerful, generating up to 430hp and equipped with up to 16 gears.

Loads over 13ft wide often have to have an escort. To deal with this, we have set up our own escort side of the business, an area that has proved a great success. Submitting police notifications and putting all the paperwork in place is just a routine part of the job.

On delivery we liaise with customers regarding siting the home either using our experienced teams or passing the home over to the customer's own team. Alongside our daily park home work, we also transport all sorts of loads for various companies.

We are very proud of our service, something we demonstrate in the smart appearance of both our drivers and our trucks. After all, for our customers this reflects the professionalism that we offer.